CaDance inescapable with more special venues than ever!

In The Hague from 18 to 29 May

CaDance, the festival for the latest movement in dance, circus and physical theater can be experienced this year at more special The Hague locations than ever. The 21st edition of the festival entices audiences to literally and figuratively step into new worlds at unique locations. In doing so, this year's festival is a plea for empathy.

Production house and theater Korzo is once again the vibrant heart of the festival with premieres, an exhibition and context programming. We list the external venues and corresponding performances in the festival for you below. See the full festival program at

Reroute along special locations in old city center

New to CaDance! Join us on tour through the center of The Hague during Reroute and step from one mini-performance to another by the newest generation of creators including Mohamed Yusuf Boss and the Heavy Hitters. You will discover hidden stories and surprising combinations. Everyday traffic transforms into choreography, a fashion show becomes a form of protest, hip-hop meets classical music, and all in the heart of The Hague. Reroute lasts about two hours and can be seen several times in one day.   

Reroute, various locations, meeting point Korzo, Prinsestraat 42 

18 till 21 May and 27 + 28 May (meerdere starttijden per dag)

Katja Heitmann's 'movement archive' on the square in front of the National Archive for CS

Motus Mori: RELIQUIEM is Katja Heitmann's new project through which you can experience her 'archive of movement' in the most direct way possible: through your own body.

They were all special encounters in which Katja Heitmann's dancers meticulously collected the movements of 'movement donors' in various Dutch, German and Belgian cities in an honest and intimate way over the past few years. They did this by following, questioning and copying them for several hours. Many were touched to then recognize themselves or loved ones in the dancers' bodies. The unique project was even noticed by The New York Times, which published an extensive article on Motus Mori in the fall of 2021. The Anna van Buerenplein right in front of the National Archives is the most beautiful place imaginable to share this project!

Motus Mori: RELIQUIEM 

27 till 29 May (multiple times a day), Anna van Buerenplein across Nationaal Archief (near trainstation Den Haag CS)

SapienS on the Zuiderstrand at sunset

A performance for nature lovers and 'city kids' alike. Come by bike or on foot to the beloved Zuiderstrand near beach tent De Staat (beach turn 10). Experience how choreographer Sarada Sarita and her performers merge the worlds and rituals of street and club dance styles, nature and inner wisdom in SapienS. As the sun slowly sinks into the sea, Sarada Sarita will take you on a journey that is the human experience

SapienS, Sarada Sarita

Fri 19 May, (21:00 premiere), Sat 20 May (21:00), Sun 21 May (15:00), Zuiderstrand tnear beach pavilion De Staat, Strandslag 10 

Top Belgian circographer in vibrant studio complex Maakhaven

Maakhaven is an unpolished complex of studios on the Laakhaven in The Hague. The perfect place for the performance Screws by popular circographer Alexander Vantournhout. The Flemish prize-winning choreographer and circus maker takes you and his performers along five places in the building. There you will experience five mind-blowing mini-performances that defy the rules of physics with bowling balls and crampons, among other things.

Screws, Alexander Vantournhout

Sat 27 May (21:00), Sun 28 May (21:00), Maakhaven, 1e Lulofsdwarsstraat 60

Screws - Perplx - Bart Grietens-70.jpg
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Break and choreography talent premiering at theater school Rabarber

In Common Enemy, choreography talent Lea Ved fuses contemporary dance, hip-hop and break into one organic whole. For this she collaborates with the Heavy Hitters, the tight crew and local heroes from the Hague Hiphop Center who last year delivered none other than the world champion breakdance. The location of this premiere is the famous theater school Rabarber.

Common Enemy, Lea Ved en Heavy Hitters

Thu 25 May (19:00 premiere), Fri 26 May (20:30), Rabarber/Theater Merlijn, Bilderdijkstraat 35

Dance and science in one performance in Lutheran Church

Australian dance maker James Batchelor went on a two-month expedition with sixty scientists to investigate Sub-Antarctic volcanoes. He mapped the journey using his own body as a measuring instrument. Combining dance, sound and installation, Deepspace is an enchanting, intimate performance that explores our curiosity about the unknown. During the performance, you walk around the performers and get to decide where to stand to watch them. After Deepspace has already been seen at Centre Pompidou, among other places, James Batchelor is now at the Lutherse Kerk in The Hague, a beloved location for many festivals in The Hague.

Deepspace, James Batchelor

Za 27 mei (19:30), Lutherse Kerk, Lutherse Burgwal 7 

Over Korzo

Korzo is een toonaangevend podium รฉn creatief producent. We werken met makers en partners die zich begeven op het snijvlak van dans en beweging, grenzen opzoeken en er overheen kijken. Zij vinden een plek in en rond onze avontuurlijke programmering, het India Dans Festival en CaDance Festival. Korzo presenteert een afspiegeling van de actuele top op het gebied van dans, muziek en fysiek theater en circus.

Korzo is a unique arts center in the heart of The Hague that interweaves the presentation and production of performing arts. In our theater we present dance, music, movement and circus theatre. In addition, we work with makers who find themselves on the interface between dance and movement and create surprising performances together with them.


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