CaDance takes place for the first time in May this year.

Festival plays (partly) outdoors from May 18 to 29, 2023

For the first time since 2019, CaDance is back live in The Hague! The festival where you discover the latest developments in movement and dance takes place for the first time in spring. From Thursday, May 18 to Monday, May 29, 2023, Korzo will be the main stage as always. New this year are the evening-length performances at various special locations in the government city, such as industrial buildings, historical sites and by the sea. This opens CaDance's doors even further, with a desire to involve and connect the city of The Hague and its residents even more with the festival.

CaDance program 2023

Early next year, Korzo will announce the names of the artists adorning the program. Expect several world and Dutch premieres with thought-provoking socially engaged and cross-border performances. Come to The Hague to discover talented makers of Korzo in one festival and learn about their worlds. Productions developed especially for CaDance audiences can be experienced in ultimate The Hague locations.

Sustainability Wish: Collaboration with SPRING Performing Arts Festival

Utrecht is hosting the SPRING festival simultaneously with CaDance. The festivals will enter into a collaboration in 2023. By partly working together, there will be more opportunity to bring interesting international performances to Utrecht and The Hague, and there's room for joint promotion. In this way the festivals will sustainably create a larger stage for adventurous performing arts. The work of Katja Heitmann's Motus Mori: RELIQUIEM at CaDance and SPRING in 2023 is a first example of this collaboration.

About CaDance

CaDance stands out once again as the festival where you see the latest moves. It is the festival that focuses on both dance and movement and offers space to both young undiscovered makers and proven top talent. Within the multifaceted program, new connections arise between the various works, reinforcing the artistic signature of each performance. By also producing and showing work by a new generation of makers, CaDance not only becomes a springboard for these makers, but also stimulates new developments in Dutch dance and movement.

Theatre and production house Korzo is producer and programmer of CaDance.

Over Korzo

Korzo is een toonaangevend podium én creatief producent. We werken met makers en partners die zich begeven op het snijvlak van dans en beweging, grenzen opzoeken en er overheen kijken. Zij vinden een plek in en rond onze avontuurlijke programmering, het India Dans Festival en CaDance Festival. Korzo presenteert een afspiegeling van de actuele top op het gebied van dans, muziek en fysiek theater en circus.

Korzo is a unique arts center in the heart of The Hague that interweaves the presentation and production of performing arts. In our theater we present dance, music, movement and circus theatre. In addition, we work with makers who find themselves on the interface between dance and movement and create surprising performances together with them.


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