India Dance Festival brings together world-wide audience in 2022

Dance icons and new generation of dance makers come together in this special edition. 


Korzo welcomes the public in The Hague and online to the India Dance Festival which is to be held from 19 thru 29 May 2022. The India Dance Festival is one of Europe’s leading festivals for Indian Dance, presenting works by makers from India as well as from the diaspora. Iconic names from the Indian dance tradition find pride of place on the program in addition to well-known names and the generation of young creatives from home and abroad.  


Opening performance: Aakash Odedra 

Aakash Odedra from the U.K. will open the India Dance Festival with a solo program featuring choreographies by Kathak icon Aditi Mangaldas (Echoes), a solo by the well-known Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Constellations), and a solo by Odedra himself. The program will be shown exclusively in Korzo. Aakash Odedra is known for the adventurous way in which he manages to present his classical Indian dance qualities with a mercurial lightness. 


"An exceptionally agile dancer who, it appears, has no trouble slipping between styles, effortlessly multilingual." - The New York Times over Aakash Odedra 


Live program with public in Korzo 

Live in The Hague The India Dance Festival welcomes a number of leading creatives from India. 


The charismatic Odissi exponent Surupa Sen is a beloved performer the world over. In The Hague she will perform an exclusive solo program. Powerhouse Kuchipudi dancer Bhavana Reddy comes from a legendary dance family and is the festival’s artist in residence. In addition to a classical Kuchipudi item, she has been at work for a number of weeks on a new contemporary piece that will premiere during the festival. Kirti Ramgopal is one of the great Bharatanatyam talents of her generation and is well-known for her ability to inspire the audience with her infectious energy. 


The Dutch hip-hop choreographer Shailesh Bahoran dances in his own intimate solo performance KISHAN, about the relationship with his autistic son. Kalpana Raghuraman reprises her performance Samarpan on stage with a cast from the top of the Indian dance scene in the Netherlands. In the concluding weekend there is, as per tradition, space for the Indian dance schools in the Netherlands that will present themselves in the program Colours of India. 


Online with brand new online creations and dance icons 

There will be an online edition of the India Dance Festival running parallel to the live festival program, with on demand performances, new productions, webinars and live workshops. The online program has been extended since the previous edition to accommodate the increasing national and international demand. 


Gauri Sharma Tripathi from Bangalore is the guest curator, specially invited for this edition. She compiled an appealing online program for the world-wide public together with curator Leo Spreksel. Room has been made for past, present, and future of (new) dance forms which are rooted in the traditions of Indian dance. 


Freely accessible streams in the Meet the Icons program let the public make further acquaintance with three powerful women who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of Indian dance: Chandralekha, Malavika Sarukkai, and Protima Bedi.


In the program New Horizons, you can see on demand streams of high-profile performances by artists such as Bhavana Reddy, Revanta Sarabhai, Hari & Chetana, Shailesh Bahoran, and Poernima Gobardhan.  


The unique program 360°Elemental presents three young creatives from India and three from the Netherlands in a fixed video format. Each maker is assigned the same music from contemporary percussion ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag, and the resulting choreography will be filmed in a circular setup in 360°. As a source of inspiration for their dance they choose one of the Ayurvedic elements: water, fire, earth, air, and ether.  


Premieres of online programs are broadcast in three different time zones, CET, CST/CDT, and IST. Meet the Icons programs are after the release date available during the entire festival. The New Horizons paid programs are available for a period of 48 hours. The public can purchase tickets with US dollars, Indian rupees, or Euros. 


Ticket sales for the India Dance Festival has commenced. Tickets for the online festival on are available from April. 



Performances in The Hague (all performances in Korzo theatre except Nandi Taalavadya) 

19 May 19:30 – Utsav (festival opening with short performances by a few dancers and musicians on invitation only) 

19 May 20:30 –  Aakash Odedra Company (Dutch premiere)

20 May 20:15 –  Nandi Taalavadya (music) and Pancha Butham (take note: this program is in De Nieuwe Regentes) 

20 May 20:30 – Surupa Sen (Dutch premiere)

21 May 19:00 – Kirti Ramgopal (Dutch premiere)

21 May 20:30 – Shailesh Bahoran (KISHAN) 

22 May 16:00-  Kirti Ramgopal  

24 May 20:30 – Bhavana Reddy (World premiere) 

25 May 19:30 – Kalpana Raghuraman (Samarpan) (reinterpretation)

25 May 20:30 – Bhavana Reddy (artist-in-residence) 

26 May 20:30 – Kalpana Raghuraman (Samarpan) 

27 May 20:30 – Poernima Gobardhan (Kāli Mātā + My Pitṛs) (World premiere)

28 May 20:00 – Colours of India 

29 May 16:00 – Colours of India  


Online performance program (19 thru 29 May) 


Meet the Icons 

19 May, 15:00 CET - Protima Bedi

21 May, 15:00 CET - Chandralekha 

26 May, 15:00 CET - Malavika Sarukkai


New Horizons 

20 May, 15:00 CET - Double Bill (India): Bertwin Ravi Dsouza en Pavitra Bhat (Dutch premiere)

22 May, 15:00 CET - Double Bill (India): Diya Naidu, Hari & Chethna (Dutch premiere)

25 May, 15:00 CET - Shailesh Bahoran (KISHAN) 

Bhavana Reddy (artist-in-residence) 

Poernima Gobardan (My Pitṛs en Elly & Me) 


360° Elemental  (opening act of New Horizons program)

From India 

Tarini Tripathi  

Ankit Dalvi 

Veronica Jose 


From the Netherlands 

Sharani Sowikromo 

Indu Panday 

Dane Badal 

Over Korzo

Korzo is een toonaangevend podium én creatief producent. We werken met makers en partners die zich begeven op het snijvlak van dans en beweging, grenzen opzoeken en er overheen kijken. Zij vinden een plek in en rond onze avontuurlijke programmering, het India Dans Festival en CaDance Festival. Korzo presenteert een afspiegeling van de actuele top op het gebied van dans, muziek en fysiek theater en circus.

Korzo is a unique arts center in the heart of The Hague that interweaves the presentation and production of performing arts. In our theater we present dance, music, movement and circus theatre. In addition, we work with makers who find themselves on the interface between dance and movement and create surprising performances together with them.


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